Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

So Christmas morning wasn't the disaster I had imagined. Kian got a bike and a note from Santa. I do think he was slightly confused though. I also think his favorite gift ended up being the kid indoor golf game that Nini got him...go figure!

We didn't have our usual traditions and it still turned out to be a good day. Since 1994 we have gone out to dinner on Christmas Eve, but that wasn't possible this year so we stayed home and had Kian's favorite "Streganona"-- otherwise known as Stroganoff :-)

Calah and Mackenzie were dog-sitting at the Orcutt's and Vanessa was working at the hospital so it was just Doug and Kian and I. Weird...I guess this is how my parents felt when the kids moved out!

Vanessa gave me an amazing picture frame with a picture of my Mom and I and a picture of Reagan and I and the poem that my Mom wrote for Reagan that I had been looking for for almost a year!! The little sneak! I was so stunned I don't even think I's beautiful and I am grateful :-)

Today we had lasagne for dinner instead of our normal turkey and ham and snacks partly becsause we weren't sure if we were even going to have "Christmas" today or try to wait until the Santa gift came, but mostly because by the time we were able to shop there were no hams or turkeys left!

So much for traditions...but we have all survived with the hope that next year will be back to "normal" for us. I miss being able to make and take treats to all of our friends and neighbors. I miss being able to over oad the stockings with silly and fun things that are completely neccesary. I miss seeing the exclamation that Santa is the best when they recieve exactly what they had hoped for!

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