Monday, May 11, 2009

25 Random Facts About Me (but I actually had to do 27)

1.Three movies I will watch over and over and over again:
Barefoot in the Park
Only You
Foul Play (I've seen this movie in Swedish too!)

2. I used to think (until I was like 20) that Bullwinkle said “Button up my sleeves” when he touched his cuffs at the opening of the show. I didn't really like that cartoon anyway, I liked The Flintstones.

3. I had a HUGE secret crush on Mac Davis.

4. My first memory is from Kindergarten when I busted out my front teeth on the drinking fountain after school. I walked home bleeding. My teeth didn't grow in until 6th grade.

5. I used to get SO carsick we would have to stop at a drug store to buy Coke syrup.

6. When I was in the 2nd grade, my Mom found evidence in the bathroom that I had been sick. She came to school to pick me up. I thought she was the smartest Mother in the world to know that. I came home and watched Bewitched.

7. I HATE wooden ice cream “spoons”. Like nails on a chalkboard...

8. The first song I sang was What's New Pussycat by Tom Jones. I don't remember this one. I remember The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia. Vicki Lawrence...I loved that song! Then I was on her show in 1993.

9. When I was 7 I saw a picture of a bed bug blown up and I was positive they were all over my bed. I laid in bed praying and scared and crying. It was my little brother Lee who went and got my Mom. I had no idea anyone could hear me. Mom explained that bed bugs only hung around “dirty bums” and I was comforted :-) That night I learned that Heavenly Father uses people to answer our prayers.

10. I was “peer-pressured” by Aunt Judi to ride the Matterhorn at Disneyland when I was about 9. I was “peer-pressured” to ride the Vortex at Great America when I was 30

11. In the 8th grade my class took a field trip from Concord, California to San Fransisco on BART to see 1776 in a huge theater. I fell in love with “John Adams” -who later became Mr Feeney on Boy Meets World --even though “Thomas Jefferson” was supposed to be the hottie. Go figure.

12. I started playing the accordian in the 6th grade. My Mom would walk me to my lessons with the accordian in the wagon. It was easy to find teachers in Michigan, not so easy when we moved to California. So I no longer can play the accordian. But I learned how dedicated my Mom was to cultivating my “talents”.

13. I briefly thought I was Marilyn Monroe—reincarnated-- because I was sad and in love with JFK.

14. The summer after 10th grade my friend Lori and I wrote a “pilot” for a sitcom about best friends that drive across the country to become “stars”. We were hoping it would be autobiographical.

15. I have never taken a driving (road) test.

16. I had my tonsils out when I was 21. When I could eat again I really wanted Wendy's but there was no Wendy's in Logan so my Dad drove us to Salt Lake City.

17. I once got paid for an acting job. To this day I wonder if I should have kept at it.

18. My favorite memories are on Nona Street in Dearborn, Michigan.

19. The summer before 10th grade we moved from Incline Village, NV to Michigan—the worst trip in the world for my parents (complete with car break-downs and break-ins)--the best trip for me and my friend Beth. But when we got to Michigan we “camped” before we got a house. This is where I learned that Elvis had died. We also stayed at a “campsite” AKA a community center. We would walk to the building to the restrooms as well as TV. There were glass rooms with orange Naugahyde furniture and each room was tuned to a different TV station. This is where we watched I Dream of Jeannie and Barney Miller.

20. When I was 15 I was convinced that Donny Osmond would marry me because we were both Mormon. Imagine my heartbreak when he married that Debbie girl! It probably won't last...

21. I saw Footloose at least 4 times the first weekend it came out in 1984. I was in love (obsessed) with Kevin Bacon. One day I came home from work and taped to door frame of the hallway was the People magazine with Kevin Bacon on the cover. My Dad had bought it for me. I'm not sure if he had ever bought a People magazine before (or again!) I still have that magazine :-)

22. When I was in the 9th grade my brother Lee and I got into a HUGE fight. We were screaming and threatening and he threw an aerosol can at me which hit the sliding glass door and stuck “on”, spraying this foul smelling Pet Off stuph. For a full minute the only sound was the spraying of the can...then we both busted out laughing! End of fight.

23. I used to do an 1 1/2 to 2 hours of aerobics 5 days a week.

24. When I was in college in Logan, UT I had a date with a radio DJ. He was running late so he dedicated a song to me to let me know that he was going to show. The song was Faithfully by Journey!

25. The best lunch I ever had was after registering for Jr. high in Fresno (another new school). My Mom didn't make me stay at school, she took me to Pizza Hut.

26. My first kiss was at the stop sign at the corner of Holmes and Stabler in Lansing, MI. Oddly, it wasn't awkward at all.

27. My Dad was offered a $10,000 loan by a friend who was “connected”. All he had to do was help the guy's friends with some swimming pool pricing. I am convinced that we missed out on our “in” with the Mob.

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jendoop said...

Now I have all kinds of questions!! Acting job, what acting job?? Was that the Vicky Lawrence show appearance? And I am so glad you don't do that crazy aerobics schedule anymore! I just wish you could love your body and not do it at the same time :)