Saturday, May 9, 2009

Urbandictionary Yourself...interesting!

Go to and write the answer to each question in the "look up" box and paste the first definition on a copied version of this note.

1. Your name?
A strong, proud, self-respecting woman who is who she is and doesn't give a damn if you don't like her.

2. Your age?
A ho. Pronounced "four six", not "forty six," and is derived from the letters H and O on a telephone touch pad. H is on 4, O is on 6.

3.One of your friends?
The coolest person you will ever meet.
An awesome friend.
Very Gorgeous.

4. What should you be doing?
A word to describe the act of making methamphetamine

5. Favorite color?
Red is a nickname given to red-headed females by strangers walking by. Its supposed to be a term of endearment, but I don't quite understand it. Having red hair, I have been called Red many times by strangers. If I were to say "Nada Brown (or Blonde, or Black, or Grey), whad up wit you?", that would be insulting. So why is it ok to call me Red?

"Yo Red, whad up?"
"Hey Red, happy new year."
"Sup Red?"

This is actually the first definition listed for "red" and I couldn't make myself use it. But it kept playing in my mind and was cracking me up so...Sorry...I didn't write it, I'm just laughing :-)

Flavor of Kool-aid to a black person.
Mom: Ey hunnah! I'm hittin' up the local Safeway. Does yo bitch ass need anythin!?
Son: Yeah git me some kool-aid bitch!
Mom: What flava?!
Son: red!

6. Hometown?
A fast growing town in Hamilton County, Indiana with a population of some 66,000 in 2007 and a nice, upper middle-class suburb of Indianapolis. Many Hoosiers mistakenly believe Fishers and its neighbor, Carmel are rich and envy their residents for some reason. It is no doubt a very nice and growing community, but the truth is that there are tons of similar-sized communities around the country with way more money than Fishers could ever dream about, making it only an upper middle-class community. It's not even the richest community in the Midwest by a long shot. I have lived in Indiana most of my life and don't understand all the animosity towards Fishers and its neighbor of Carmel.

7. Month of your birthday?
A wonderful month when the air smells sweet and the weather is perfect for the girls where to tight little sweaters that show off their curves.

“I can't wait for September to come so we can play in the leaves!”

8. Last person you talked to?
A beautiful girl. the name Mackenzie itself means 'little princess.' She's quick-witted and very funny, she can be very charming. She's a little crazy, but in the end you love her anyway.

“Ya know Mackenzie? yeahhh shes pretty FANTASTIC!”

9. Where are you right now?
The most useful and most frustrating thing any human being will ever work with.

10. Your nickname?
Kay Kay

Kay Kay is what a little kid may call their elder when shortening names like katelyn, kristen, kathleen, etc.

little brother: " i love you kay kay"
me: " i love you too baby"

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jendoop said...

What FLAVA?!

I am so calling you Red from now on just so you'll remember that Kool-Aid banter!