Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Drama Queen...

Here I am's May, end of school there will be lots to share! But tonight I want to share Mackenzie's last orchestra concert. I was sad. I love the cello. She has played since 6th grade, but now she had to choose between orchestra and theater.

This is her playing Palladio from the Diamond commercial. It was one of her favorites and for sure mine! She says she hates to practice and so this will just be a good time to quit and move on.
I want to make sure I have that in writing since I have 2 other daughters who are constantly saying "Why didn't you make me stay in dance or music or choir or whatever..."
Yeah, I'm getting this one in writing.
Actually later in the evening I did...kind of...
It was time for awards and we had no idea that Ms Cornet would be giving awards for Drama as well. But the first award was for Best Actress at Fishers Jr. High and it was Mackenzie Nelson!! Her faced looked shocked and my camera was in my purse so I have a picture of her after she is sitting back down :-)

So Yay for Mackenzie and her first acting award...may there be many more to come!! Hopefully, next time Mom will be prepared with the camera!


The Miranda's said...

congrats! That's so awesome for her!

jendoop said...

Yea for Kenzie! Yea for Mom getting it in print! We can't bear all our children's unfulfilled dreams. It sounds like she definately made the right decision.